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The ‘Tapbit’ Welcome Offer: Extends To The Whole Tapbit Community and Userbase, Feel Free To Join ‘Tapbit’ and Receive An 80 USDT Cash Price, As A Special ‘Thank You’! From Us…😊

Join Billance and get 80USDT equal rewards

Please see bellow, on how this offer works and what the rules are, that the community must follow;

Event Timings: March 16th, 2022 @ 10:00AM Hours to March 23rd, 2022 @ 10:00AM Hours (UTC).

Offer ‘1’ – for a limited period only: If you join Tapbit during the event period as mentioned above, you will receive a contract voucher worth 35 USDT. New users who register, as well, deposit 200 USDT during this time, will receive, an additional, 35U contract vouchers.

Offer ‘2’ – for a limited period only: If you complete the invitation task, you will win a 790000 SHIB cash price. Within the event time frames, users who share their ‘Invitation Code’ or ‘QR Code’ and accordingly successfully invite three valid users will receive a 790000 SHIB cash price. Furthermore, invited users can get an additional 60 USDT off the contract experience fee.

Important Note: The referrer can only invite additional persons, only after completing the required KYC process. Valid users, refer to users who have registered and additionally deposited a minimum of 200 USDT during the same activity.

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