Deposit FAQ

1. What should I do if I haven’t received payment transferred from other platforms to Tapbit?

Please wait patiently as block confirmation is required for cryptocurrency deposit.If the block confirmation is completed and the funds are still not credited into your account for a long time,please contact our customer support.

2. How to check deposit progress?

The following link is a block query link for common passes, where you can view the number of block confirmations you have transferred in the website.

3. What should I do if I deposited the wrong currency to your address in Tapbit?

(1)If the user deposits the wrong address during the process, we may not be able to help you recover the assets. Please check your deposit address carefully.

(2)The retrieval operation requires a lot of labor cost, time cost, and risk control cost. In order to recover the serious losses caused by the customer’s misoperation, Tapbit will help you recover within the controllable cost range.

(3)Please contact customer support to explain the situation, and provide your account number, token, address, quantity, hash/transaction number of the wrong token, and a screenshot with the deposit information.

(4)If it is possible to retrieve the wrong currency, we need to intervene manually and may directly contact the private key.Only personnel with extremely high authority can carry out the operation and need to go through a strict risk control audit.Some operations may need to be carried out during the wallet upgrade and maintenance period, so it may take more than one month to complete the operation, or it may take longer so please wait patiently.

4. What should I do if I have not been credited because the deposit amount to is less than the minimum deposit amount?

You can continue to deposit to your address, and when the accumulated amount is greater than the minimum credited amount, the assets will be credited uniformly.

Withdrawal FAQ

1. What should I do if I withdraw to another platform and the system does not process it for a long time?

If you initiate a withdrawal, a large delay may result due to block congestion. If the status in your account’s withdrawal record is still processing after 6 hours,please contact customer support.

2. What should I do if my token withdrawal has not been credited?

Blockchain asset transfer is divided into three parts: Tapbit outbound—Block confirmation—Credit account on the other party

Step 1:We will generate the Txid within 10 minutes, which means that the transfer processing of our platform has been completed and the token has been transferred to the blockchain.

Step 2:Open the browser of the corresponding blockchain of the withdrawn token to check the confirmation number of that withdrawal.

Step 3:If the blockchain shows that the withdrawal is being confirmed or not confirmed, please wait patiently until the blockchain is confirmed. If the blockchain shows that the confirmation is completed and you haven’t received the token yet, but Tapbit has finished transferring coins, please contact the token of the receiving platform to credit the account for you.

3. Can I withdraw without ID verification?

If you have not completed ID verification, the withdrawal limit is 2BTC within 24 hours, if you have completed ID verification, the withdrawal limit is 30BTC within 24 hours, if you wish to increase the withdrawal limit, you need to contact our customer support.