Tapbit, welcomed the Christmas season in 2023 with a series of thrilling activities and rewards. From captivating social media events to exclusive trading promotions, Tapbit ensured a memorable and festive experience for its users. Let’s explore the highlights of the Christmas celebrations.

Social Media Events

Event 1: Christmas Hunt

Participants joined the Christmas Hunt to discover 5 hidden Santa coins. By finding the coins, following @TapbitGlobal, and engaging with the post, 15 lucky winners shared a festive prize pool of $150 ETH. (Duration: Dec 1 – Dec 8)

Event 2: Crypto Wishlist Giveaway

Users expressed their crypto wishes using #TapbitWishlist, and 8 lucky winners had their wishes granted. Each day, one person received a wishlist token worth $10, listed on Tapbit. (Duration: Dec 8 – Dec 15)

Event 3: Christmas Word Puzzle

Participants solved a word puzzle and formed a sentence using unscrambled letters. 30 lucky winners received 150U worth of $RATS tokens. (Duration: Dec 15 – Dec 28)

Event 4: Christmas Crypto Challenge

Over three days, participants faced various crypto challenges. 20 lucky winners shared a prize pool of 100 USDT by answering the challenges and tagging friends. (Duration: Dec 23 – Jan 3)

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Platform Special Events

Event 1: Exciting Exclusive #BRC20 Event

Trade $RATS and win a share of 4,400,000 $RATS rewards. (Duration: Dec 14 – Dec 18)

Event 2: Tapbit Christmas Special

Enjoy 0 Maker fees on spot trading for selected currencies. (Duration: Dec 23 – Dec 29)

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Tapbit’s 2023 Christmas celebrations were filled with excitement and rewards, offering users a festive trading experience. From engaging social media events to exclusive platform promotions, Tapbit showcased its commitment to creating an enjoyable environment for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Join the festivities and make the most of this joyous season with Tapbit!