An introduction in order to one of the very most dependable, most efficient in addition to effective global crypto-assets platforms, currently available. The Billance system allows our customers not only in order to make investments, but also to ensure that they are in a position to make genuine and tangible income. But to perform so, with no concern of loss, that could be for several reasons like the unpredictability in the market alone or unscrupulous people trying to scam a person, etc. No matter what the reason, Billance, after having conferred with industry-believed leaders, as properly as our very own users and the community, has determined enough and initiated an approach that effectively gives solutions to these kinds of fears.

This is why Billance, is both tested and trusted and with the introduction of new technologies, as well, pioneering algorithms, has now become one of the safest, secure, and most reliable digital asset platforms, for global investors, on the market today. Equipped with industry-leading tech, ie, a core aggregation engine that is the most advanced of its kind. And, features such as extreme processing speeds with fault tolerance, help to solve issues that could arise due to the huge volume of transactions and settlements. Allowing investors to be able to buy and sell, more efficiently and effectively.

So, let’s take a look at what actually makes Billance better than its competitors?

Transaction security

The Billance platform assures investors of a perfect risk system coupled with a professional firewall service architecture. Transactions are not only safe but, are secured on the platform itself, with the user being able to easily buy and exchange digital assets on autopilot. Also, Billance, does not allow any form of illegal transactions and quickly flags, deactivates, or removes any account and this will help to reduce fraud and deception of any kind, within the platform

Good liquidity

Billance perpetual contracts provide high multipliers of leverage, helping to keep positions from being liquidated. Traders hold margin at a certain proportion of the position value, which is also known as the maintenance margin. The minimum maintenance margin is 0.5% of the higher position. The liquidation rate is also adjustable by transferring the correct amount of USDT to the actual contract account and liquidation is kept to bare minimum. Billance also uses the mark price in real time to avoid liquidations arising from the lack of liquidity, volatility and or potential market manipulation. If the liquidation is triggered, Billance, will cancel all unexecuted orders and then accordingly release the margin, keep positions and Investors get to trade at top market depth with extreme market condition

Platform Security

Billance has made it its primary concern, to provide its platform, as well its users, with the best security and peace of mind possible. With this in mind an insurance fund of $20 Million has been set up, with the accessibility of payments being made within 24 hours. This then compensates all users in real time, for any losses, especially so, when it is an error from the platform itself.

24/7 Customer Service That’s Efficient

Our customer service team, is highly professional, aware and alert to any issues and or problems that may come. So, they not only check but respond on a real time basis, to all questions, queries, complaints, messages 24/7, with the user getting a response within 5 minutes. This is because we understand the nature of our business, customers and service, to the extent we know what they expect from us.

Professional Quantitative Team

Our team of professional, experienced and qualified members, do not only guarantee to provide you with the smoothest of trading experiences. But they do it in a way, that is both caring, supportive and friendly, so that in no way, you, the user, feels disheartened or let down, in any way shape or form. We understand the needs of our users, as though we are the user.

Insurance Fund

An insurance fund of $20 Million has been made available to cover for losses, and payments will be concluded within 24 hours of any losses occurring. This is a safety feature that we know our users will not only appreciate, but rather, will add to the overall experience, by making them feel a lot more relaxed, as well, confident.

Perfect Partner Rebate System

Billance provides a perfect partner rebate solution, where traders get a percentage and or bonus, especially when they sell or reach a targeted level of a set purchase. But, this is largely dependent on the amount of transactions they make and how such transactions will ultimately materialise.

Various Quantitative Market Making Solutions

Billance provides various market making strategies and solutions, which includes but are not limited to, limiting orders, most importantly, how wide the volume is from the middle price, the effect of various operation and performance, and the benefit to both investors and market at large. We also offer high-frequency market-making services also, that are different to the traditional ones. So, in our model, we take into account the huge trading volume of high frequency market makers, and consider how the competition between market makers affects the performance of strategy.

Intelligent Matching System

Billance provides a matching system that not only ensures smooth and rapid running of the platform, but also provides milliseconds of level trading experiences. Both of which make the platform as a whole, more efficient and effective, from a general matching perspective.


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