Introducing Tapbit Global Partner Program: Empowering Web3 Enthusiasts

Ready to embark on an exciting journey towards wealth and success in the crypto world? Look no further than Tapbit’s Global Partner Program, designed to empower web3 enthusiasts and crypto investors worldwide.

Tapbit leverages cutting-edge technology to offer industry-leading services. Tapbit’s core aggregation engine is the most advanced technology product of its kind in the market, capable of handling instantaneous huge volumes of transactions with fault tolerance and extreme processing speed. With banking-grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures, and hot & cold wallets separation technologies, the company prioritizes the security of user assets above all else.

Why Tapbit:

  • Regulatory Compliance: With licenses from US and Canada, Tapbit ensures regulatory compliance and transparency.
  • Security: Advanced security measures and technologies make Tapbit one of the safest platforms for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Global Reach: Tapbit serves users in over 100 countries, catering to diverse needs and preferences.
  • High Volume Trading: With a daily derivatives trading volume of $10 billion USD, Tapbit offers ample trading opportunities for investors.

Join Tapbit, Maximize Earnings:

Tapbit’s Global Partner Program offers a plethora of benefits for partners, including:

  • Tailored Promotions: Benefit from targeted promotional activities to amplify influence and expand reach.
  • Eternal Rewards: Enjoy swift and transparent lifetime commissions, ensuring ongoing earnings without exceptions.
  • Unrivaled Rates: Tapbit offers the highest commission rates in the industry, providing better rewards and superior returns.

Seeking Partners:

Tapbit is actively seeking partners, including affiliates, trading ambassadors, KOLs, institutions, organizations, and foundations. Whether an individual trader or a seasoned investor, Tapbit welcomes individuals to join the network and reap the rewards of partnership.

Referral Reward: Up to $30,000 USDT

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About Tapbit:

Tapbit is a leading platform providing secure and stable trading services for mainstream crypto assets such as BTCETH, SOL, and USDC. With prestigious licenses including the MSB fiat currency business license, NFA general financial license from the US federal government, and crypto and forex business license by SVGFSA, Tapbit ensures regulatory compliance and peace of mind for global investors.

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