Dear Tapbit Users,

It is with great pleasure and excitement today, that we (Tapbit) are able to announce an extremely valuable strategic partnership, with one of Europe’s digital assets powerhouses, the Swiss-based ‘Crypto Valley Association’.

We have officially entered into this partnership to increase the superiority and depth of our services, as well our reach, that we will be able to offer our community and users. The ‘Crypto Valley  Association’ ecosystem and working groups accordingly, will be able to adding value, concerning, but not limited to, the following services;

●Visionary entrepreneurs and cryptographic technology pioneers

●Low taxes and friendly regulations

●Deep-seated culture of privacy protection and decentralized institutions

●Deep pools of capital and world-class engineering talent

●Sound policy and economic strength

●High productivity and competitiveness

●Proximity and access to global markets

So, who exactly is the ‘Crypto Valley Association? Well, they are a Swiss-based organisation, and quite frankly, one of the world-leading blockchain ecosystems.

Consists of individuals, as well, as small and large companies from all over the world who are interested in the long term global economic and transformational benefits,  coming from blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation. Its primary mission is to foster growth, collaboration and integrity across the global blockchain economy.

Appreciating Your Continued Support,

Your Tapbit Family