We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Tapbit has completed the comprehensive assessment of GDF and has accordingly, officially joined Global Digital Finance (www.gdf.io) (Global Digital Finance Organization, GDF for short) as a member of the GDF Working Association.

As a direct result, as well, moving forward, Tapbit will work in a very strategic manner with our cryptopeers. To jointly and fully promote the establishment of various standards, including but not limited to security and anti-money laundering in the globally integrated blockchain industry and community. The objective is to provide technical solutions and standards for the industry, as well, the establishment of a more inclusive, effective and well-regulated digital assets financial system.

Simona, the Tapbit CMO recently mentioned the latest collaboration by stating. “The GDF plays a vital role, whilst the cryptocurrency industry evolves, assisting members of the industry that aim to develop a set of enforceable guidelines that, if implemented, will advance industry-wide operating standards and governance, thus assisting with increased global acceptance.

Furthermore, partnering up with GDF, Tapbit will be in a position to work deeper, as well, more strategically with its peers and interact with the global ecosystem, as well, regulators more efficiently. In the future, we will regularly participate in global summits and or events planned by GDF, with the hope that experts within the Tapbit platform, can share our views on compliance and regulatory affairs and contribute to GDF’s knowledge by sharing activities.”

GDF is an industry leading organisation with global influence, it is committed to promoting the formulation of global digital asset supervision and increased levels of digital asset standards. Its members and partners include 350 industry leading institutions such as the London Stock Exchange Group, Tether, Chainalysis, and Messari. At present, GDF has established cooperative relationships with in excess of over 35 regulatory agencies and government departments, including the IRS (USA’s Internal Revenue Service), Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Japan’s Financial Services Agency, and the European Central Bank. Accordingly it is committed to both digital assets and digital financial technology generally. Promoting both, the advancement of market standards, as well, industry practices.

Tapbit, founded in 2021, aims to provide secure and stable trading services for mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT and USDC. This is primarily for our global investors, users and integrated community. Tapbit has been awarded the MSB fiat currency business license from the US federal government and the MTL financial license from 10 additional states within the USA. Further to this, we guard all your assets on Tapbit with a 20 Million USDT insurance fund.