Digital currency contracts are very popular and CoinMarketCap data shows that in the second quarter of 2022, the global exchange’s future turnover will reach more than one billion dollars in size and the contract market development will continue to grow.

As part of contract trading, buyers can both buy up and down, as well as add leverage.

However, when you add leverage, you also increase risk.

The amount of contract trading explosions across the network during the June 14 plunge exceeded $2 billion, according to

Because of the high threshold of contract trading, a contract strategy-based function for newbie users was created, which is, copy trade.

What is a contract copytrade?

In the contract market, the direction and time of buying are very important. The contract copy trade platform will be open to professional traders behavior and allows users to follow and copy the professional trader’s operations.

The contract copy trade follows the expert’s advice, and the user will do it as well. This way, newbies will not have to be aware of the market trends and can take advantage of the professional’s advice.

Why choose Tapbit contracts?

Tapbit’s contract copy trade feature is ideal for beginners who are interested in entering the crypto contracts market but do not have the time to study and monitor the market. It allows you to follow directly the chosen trader to trade contracts automatically, simply and efficiently.

With Tapbit copy trade, you can easily follow the trades of expert traders, most of whom are master traders in Forex and stock markets, which reduces your probability of loss.

Let’s say you invest $1000 initially, with Tapbit, you follow a trader and make a successful profit of $500, the trader earns 10% of this profit as sharing fee, your account capital increases by $450 and your total amount reaches $1450. The best part is that you only need to pay your traders when they make a profit.

What about Tapbit Contract Copy Trade?

  • Convenience – No need to research, plan and execute your own trades to access the market.
  • Full control – You choose your own Traders and decide how much to invest.
  • Safe and Secure – Your account is visible and fully protected only to you, and Tapbit has $40 million in contract insurance funds.
  • Real-time updates – You can monitor your investment account in real time; get timely notifications of each follow trade.
  • Access to Order the Following Services – You can connect to our website anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Easy management – Manage your money the way you want – withdraw, invest, and only pay fees to Trader’s experts when you make a profit.