The market will remain uncertain as the second half of the year approaches. We have to see whether the rate hike of The Fed in September will ease inflation; whether the subsequent shrinking of the balance sheet has evolved into a recession; whether Mt.Gox will begin paying in the second half of the year. We tend to expect that the market will undergo many changes as a result of different factors.

Until the end of this year, the liquidity crisis in the financial market will probably intensify, and a large number of funds will not enter the currency market. Bitcoin shouldn’t have a spike in price, however, the middle line may rebound a bit more.

In order to achieve good returns against the risk of falling spot markets, we generally trade high-leverage contracts. Despite the apparent simplicity of contract trading, it may cause losses due to an improper operation, resulting in liquidation or transaction failure if the trader lacks experience in market analysis, point prediction, position management, leverage control, taking profit, and stopping loss settings and other factors.

Therefore, for the newbies, instead of jumping into the contract market, it’s recommended to choose the copy trading option.

Contract copy trade, in simple terms, is to copy the trading strategies of expert traders, and then make adjustments to trade according to your own situation. Expert traders can share their knowledge at any time, and newbies can learn and improve their skills.

When newbies choose traders, they can check whether they have been profitable for at least half a year. It means that if the trader has sufficient experience, has been trading for a long period of time, and can make profits in the long term. The ability to analyze and predict the market requires a strong knowledge. Losses are uncommon if the trader is experienced.

There are many copy trading platforms available. Newbies should choose a copy trading platform with a high reputation, high security, large user base, fast speed, and high liquidity.
Tapbit(Billance) offers a wide variety of currencies and a great user experience.

Tapbit(Billance) CopyTrade, Trade like a Pro

Tapbit Exchange specializes in contract trading. Continually improving functions, digging deep into products, and strengthening operations, the Tapbit team is committed to create the best copy trade feature ever, breaking down the limitations of other platforms’ single copying function, and enabling users to achieve earning in a breeze!

With a comprehensive copying method, a comprehensive copying strategy and a flexible opening plan, Tapbit contract copy trade supports a variety of investment options and continuously improves the users’ experience.

Users can view their copy details at any time, including positions, income, etc., and can also terminate the positions or copying plans at any time, thereby saving time by not keeping track of the market.

In addition, Tapbit currently has more than 60 traders, most of them are the world’s top traders, and many well-known crypto influencers are copying orders from Billance.

Simona, Tapbit’s CMO, says that all Tapbit traders with the high-standard entry threshold for traders are a major operational feature of Tapbit, which greatly reduces the risk of user copying from the operation.

Tapbit aims to create a trading platform in the field of digital assets that offers solid technical support, a down-to-earth attitude towards product development, and the original intention of all user-centered services, so that users can use contracts more safely, smoothly, and more easily.