Recently, Tapbit, a global pioneer multi-asset trading platform announced the launch of the forex live version, which will now allow investors and traders around the world to buy and sell a wide range of global assets, including forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, all from one trading account. If you’re looking for a reliable forex-trade platform with a variety of instruments, a user-friendly interface, and straightforward controls, perhaps the information contained in this article will be of use to you. Next, I’ll list the advantages and features highlighted by Tapbit and show you around Tapbit Forex.  

As a cutting-edge cryptocurrency-based financial trading platform, Tapbit facilitates cross-asset trading as well as the trading of innovative derivatives for investors and traders worldwide. Its experienced team leverages its expertise and knowledge to provide users with a wide range of advanced tools and features that help handle financial transactions more efficiently and make investing less difficult.  Among them, convenience and user experience are prominent features. 

  Trading on Forex in customized platforms by trading view chart is available via the Tapbit Forex Trading app and website. You are free to engage in forex transactions whenever and wherever you like. And even if you are new to forex trading, need not be excessively worried about various complex abstractions to learn the different charts and sophisticated professional trading logic. With Tapbit, you’ll have a reliable companion for forex transactions. It has been designed to be easy to use. It boasts a lean and efficient layout that offers all traders, from beginners to professionals, unrivaled trading power and performance, allowing them to instantly trade a huge variety of investments, including various forex and commodities pairs.

  Being one of the features that differentiate it from its competitors, what’s more, Tapbit is notable for its ability to enable global investors and traders to trade crypto, forex, and CFDs using Tether (USDT) as the base currency without first converting to USD. This feature offers several benefits, including the ability to trade with greater flexibility and safety. 

  Besides that, Tapbit’s world-class customer service provides a solid foundation for its rapid and stable growth. It is excellent, responds promptly and reliably to requests, and assists customers with any issues they may encounter in multiple languages 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

When asked about the launching of the Forex trading, Tapbit Markets Managing Director was clear about the reason for the launch and showed confidence: 

Since its inception, Tapbit has experienced rapid growth; however, we have always adhered to our values and commitments to offering all investors and traders, regardless of whether they are professionals or just beginners, the advanced tools and supports they demand to make their trading as faster and better as possible. 

 Because of this, we are diversifying our product offerings to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the market. The launching of forex trading is a game-changer for our users’ potential to trade, which is also a statement of our strategy for growth.

Furthermore, based on our management team’s years of extensive experience in both the crypto and technology worlds, we have been able to select the most cutting-edge technological solutions that are currently available on the market. In addition to that, we have been successful in developing our one-of-a-kind solutions that are adapted to meet the specific requirements of our users, whilst also providing a range of innovative solutions for all market segments including brokers, and affiliates. 

Our integrated services work well together, allowing both new and existing clients to use their Tapbit accounts to build a diverse and balanced portfolio – all while enjoying the world-class trading power and 24/5 and 1v1 online support they expect.”


Additionally, there is some feedback from users on some of the key features of Tapbit Forex and traders being able to:

  • It’s easy to set up an account
  • Ultra-low transaction threshold: just $2
  • No manipulation of trades
  • Deposit and Withdraw Instantly 
  • High standard of security
  • Get 24/5 support from professionals

Tapbit is a global online financial trading platform based in the State of Texas with several years of industry experience. Its business is built on integrity and trust, and it offers customers access to a range of market intelligence tools as well as dynamic products, competitive trading parameters, and premium, 1v1 online customer service. The company said that its vision has always been to deliver the ultimate trading destination for those wanting to trade the markets by combining the best trading conditions, technology, product range, pricing, and client services.