May 19,2024, Tapbit hosted a captivating AMA session with the guest Alexander, the moderator o f Crypto Finder Club, captivated a massive audience of 15.5k viewers on Twitter Spaces, delving into the future of cryptocurrency and Tapbit’s groundbreaking offerings.

Part 1: Opening

Ridvan, the host, introduced himself and the purpose of the AMA, followed by an introduction of Alexander.

Part 2: Warm-up Question

Ridvan posed a warm-up question, inquiring about Alexander’s experience using cryptocurrency for purchases. Alexander shared his positive experience and acknowledged the convenience and security offered by crypto payments.

Part 3: Alexander’s Insights on Crypto Market

Ridvan engaged Alexander in a series of thought-provoking questions about the crypto market’s growth, future potential, and advice for new investors. Alexander expressed his belief in the market’s bright future, emphasizing the increasing adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies. He also stressed the importance of thorough research and diversification for new investors.

Part 4: Tapbit Introduction

Ridvan shifted the focus to Tapbit, highlighting its rapid growth and user-centric approach. Alexander posed questions about Tapbit’s commitment to compliance, unique offerings, and technological advancements. Ridvan elaborated on Tapbit’s security measures, regulatory compliance, and global reach.

Part 5: Live Question

Ridvan presented two selected questions from Twitter users. Alexander provided insightful answers, emphasizing the importance of a balanced approach to crypto investing and highlighting Tapbit’s comprehensive range of features.


The AMA concluded with a lively discussion and valuable insights from Alexander and Ridvan. Tapbit’s commitment to innovation and user experience was evident throughout the session, positioning the platform as a leader in the crypto industry.

Key Takeaways:

The crypto market has experienced tremendous growth and is poised for further expansion.

Thorough research and a balanced approach are crucial for successful crypto investing.

Tapbit offers a secure, compliant, and feature-rich platform for crypto enthusiasts of all levels.

This AMA provided valuable information for both seasoned and novice crypto investors, showcasing Tapbit’s commitment to fostering a thriving crypto community.

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