What exactly is a ‘Perpetual Contract’ and how does the ‘Tapbit Perpetual Contract‘ differ, compared to its competitors from an operational and strategic stand point? Well, lets find out. So, the Tapbit USDT perpetual contract is very similar to a traditional futures contract, the key differences and or USPs are as follows;

●It actually never expires…

●It never requires any delivery…

●It is absolutely and always held freely…

●It always supports a 1 to 100X leverage…

●It always mimics, the price of the underlying index…

Tapbit USDT perpetual contracts, best assists our users, after they have opened up multiple positions. They help to increase revenue when the market price is higher than the opening price after opening a position. After opening a position, if the market price is lower than with the opening price, thus will more than likely, ultimately increase your chances of losing revenue. Hence, the ‘Tapbit USDT Perpetual Contract’ process and or procedure, will offer our users, maximum protection, the BTC & USDT process is as follows;
●Step 1: Transfer the desired USDT to your contract account!

●Step 2: Use USDT to open long or short based on market trends

●Step 3: Close your positions to profit from the BTC or USDT uptrend and or downtrend.

Having said this, its always important to have your risk managed and to be kept at a bare minimum. So, in order to control your risk and avoid blowing up your existing positions, you need to keep your leverage within an appropriate range. It is recommended that novice traders, trade futures according to the following risk levels.

●Low Risk: 1 < actual leverage < 5

●Medium Risk: 5 ≤ actual leverage < 20

●High Risk: actual leverage ≥20

An important note here would be that, trading contracts by risk level can only reduce, but not avoid, the risk of forced liquidation. It is recommended that novice traders keep their leverage within 5X to be on the safe side.

Hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of ‘Tapbit Perpetual Contracts’ and how they can be used to make your trading, more streamlined and less risky. Ultimately allowing all trades, to become a tad more efficient and effective, than the trades on our competitor platforms.

With Best ‘Trading’ Regards,

Your Tapbit