So, we hear you thinking, and rightfully so too. Who exactly is Tapbit(Billance)? and furthermore, why would you choose Tapbit, over all the other great trading platforms that are available today? Well, ok then, lets explore further…

So, Tapbit is a platform, with industry leading technology, including a core aggregation engine that is one the most advanced technology products, of its kind currently on the market. With fault tolerance and extreme processing speed, enabling it to solve all concurrent issues arising from instantaneous huge volumes of transactions, as well, settlements. With banking grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures, as well, Hot & Cold wallets separation technologies, that strictly protects the security of all user assets.

Accordingly, Tapbit has got the reputation of being, one of the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency service platforms currently within the market that global investors can not only use, but strategically benefit from also. Without the need to worry about potential risks associated with the space, made possible with the use of cutting edge technologies and pioneering algorithms.

Having said that, we understand that we have competitors and we also understand that we are in a space that is rapidly developing and changing. Accordingly, leading to the notion, what worked yesterday may actually, not work today. On that note then, we just wanted to be clear and transparent on what we are doing to stay ahead of the competition and offer our community and users, the most advanced technologies and cutting edge solutions, so they always functioning optimally. Our core USPs are as follows;

Efficient Transaction

With over 200,000 transactions per second and with less than 1 ms, in terms of order response time, we are the leaders when it comes to transaction efficiency. Furthermore, to stay fully ahead and to be protected, our system design protected by patent.

Top Wallet Security Cold

All of our wallet transfers, require a comprehensive and multi layerd, Level 2 manual review offline signature. This is to completely ensure, that all of our users assets are fully protected on a 24/7 basis, and in real time.

Customer Assets Protection

We pride ourselves with regularly conducting stress tests, in conjunction with security audits, this in essence is to make sure that we are strictly adhering to all expected security standards, procedures, as well, protocols

Absolute Information Security

All information, including but certainly not limited to passwords and other sensitive datas are encrypted on a real time basis. By the use of our industry leading partners ‘bcrypt’.

So, what are you waiting for? DO NOT delay, come join ‘Tapbit’ today, and accordingly trade with the tools that YOU NEED to make you a WINNER…