Tapbit Exchange Introduces 0 Slippage Copy Trading: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

Tapbit, the global leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of a revolutionary feature: 0 Slippage Copy Trading. This innovative functionality effectively addresses the issue of slippage in copy trading, allowing followers to accurately replicate the trading actions of their chosen traders and setting a new industry standard.

Copy trading is an automated strategy widely used in the cryptocurrency market, allowing followers to replicate the trading patterns of successful traders without the need for extensive research or trading expertise. However, an issue that often arises in copy trading is slippage, which refers to the difference between the price at which a trader enters or exits a position and the price at which the follower executes the same trade. This disparity in prices can occur due to market fluctuations and can negatively impact the profitability of followers by reducing potential profits or increasing losses.

To address this issue, Tapbit has introduced the groundbreaking 0 Slippage Copy Trade feature. By eliminating slippage, it ensures that followers execute trades at exactly the same price as their chosen trader, and users can enjoy an optimal copy trading experience while the platform assumes the related risks. Elite traders on Tapbit can now apply for access to this feature, and once approved, they will see the “0 slippage” on supported pairs, while followers also can clearly identify the supported pairs while choosing copy pairs. A certain fee based on the actual trading volume will be charged after successfully executing 0 slippage copy trades.

Lucas Galvão, the CEO of Tapbit, stated, “We are committed to providing an enhanced copy trading experience, which is why we have introduced this innovative 0 Slippage Copy Trading feature. By eliminating slippage barriers in copy trading, we aim to maximize profits or minimize losses for our users. This groundbreaking feature demonstrates our dedication to empowering users and ensuring their success in the cryptocurrency market.”

Tapbit remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for its users, and the introduction of 0 Slippage Copy Trading is just the beginning. Tapbit looks to the future, striving for excellence and aiming to create a reliable and profitable cryptocurrency trading platform for all.

About Tapbit:

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