Recently, Tapbit has had the pleasure of announcing a very strategic and valuable partnership with ‘Cabital’, a trusted digital financial institution, where users can, buy, sell and earn a variety of different cryptocurrencies. Tapbit has officially entered into this strategic partnership to increase the superiority and depth of their services, as well, reach, that will generally benefit, both Tapbit’s global community and user base collectively.  

Cabital simplifies investing into the crypto world while filtering out the noise and unnecessary drama that’s associated with the space. They don’t just talk about doing this, but they go the extra mile, by making it easy for anyone to join the crypto world, in a simple, easy and sensible manner, or as they say, ‘Crypto Without The Crazy’. The key benefits in regards to Tapbit users, on working with Cabital, are as follows:

  • Buy & Sell Crypto, In Seconds – Users can swap any of the supported assets seamlessly at the best exchange rates, zero deposit fees, and most importantly, with a platform they can trust.
  • Cabital Earn – Is a crypto savings product, offering higher returns. Leading crypto assets are carefully chosen from a wide range of coins in the crypto marketplace to ensure the user’s investment portfolio yields optimal returns.
  • Security Is Key – Security of users’ crypto assets and data is always key. Assets are kept safe with world-class security solutions and tools. Cabital is constantly investing to improve security, from upcoming insurance protocols to staying updated on the latest security threats facing the industry.

About Cabital

Cabital is a trusted digital financial institution that allows users to buy, sell and earn cryptocurrencies, generating up to 12% APY. They have launched a business solution called ‘Cabital Connect’, which is a secure fiat on-ramp and off-ramp gateway for cryptocurrency platforms.

When cryptocurrency companies integrate with ‘Cabital Connect’, users have a high quality service option to purchase top tier cryptocurrencies, at some of the most competitive rates and flexibility within the industry. Leading cryptocurrency exchanges have integrated with Cabital’s fiat on-ramp gateway.

Cabital is a registered entity in Lithuania and their compliance programme is modelled after leading global financial service providers.

About Tapbit

Tapbit is a Cryptocurrency Exchange, that has some of the best ‘Market Trading Liquidity’ solutions on the market. Founded in 2021, Tapbit provides itself with guarding users’ assets with the upmost safety. In this regard, Tapbit has a USD 20 Million insurance fund to cover for any losses, caused by Tapbit itself. Furthermore, Tapbit fully meets all compliance policies and has a policy of continuous improvement.